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The CRBMC has services available to institutions, conservation-restoration professionals, cultural heritage researchers and curators of collections so that they may deepen their knowledge of the pieces worked on at the centre.


This area consists of visual documentation of the stages of treatment using different tests based on electromagnetic radiation: visible radiation (photos with spill light and various techniques: raking light, macrophotography, microphotography, etc.) and invisible radiation (photos with ultraviolet or infrared light, x-rays, etc.).

photo: CRBMC

Physical-chemical analysis

The physical-chemical analyses provide data for the conservators-restorers on the nature of the materials and the alteration and/or ageing products, and facilitate the elaboration of a diagnosis that guarantees the best choice of intervention.

Analyses are also carried out to determine the effects of new materials and the interaction between techniques, materials and the piece.

The laboratory has instrumental equipment for optical microscopy, spectroscopy FTIR and gas chromatography (GC-MS), and collaborates with university research groups specializing in the analysis of cultural heritage materials.

photo: CRBMC