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• Contemporary art
• Ceramics
• Ethnological materials
• Textiles
• Precious metals
• Materials

Contemporary art requires constant supervision and care in order to guarantee its proper preservation. At the CRBMC pieces by Carlos Pazos, Josep Maria Guinovart, Salvador Dalí and Antoni Tàpies have been treated.

Several ceramic sets from the 19th  century made with different decorative techniques have been treated both at CRBMC and in situ. Treatments are also carried out in objects such as plates, basins, jugs, bowls, apothecary jars, etc.

Apart the aesthetic issues behing museum objects, the conservation of ethnological objects such as crossbows, mummies, etc. contributes to gain a  better understanding of cultures in a specific regional context.

 It is worth to mention the treatment carried out in tapestries such as a heraldic coat of arms of the Spanish monarchy dated in 1700 and dawn at the grave of Sant Bernat Calbó. The complete set of papal robes of Pope Calitxo III with two dalmatics made of silk and embroidered with silver and gold thread have also been treated.

Silver processional crosses, embossed, chiselled and dotted, with gilded details, are the most abundant objects treated in this section together with processional custodies, censers, reliquaries, chalices and sculptures of saints and bishops.


These mainly consist of boat models, which constitutes a very specific area. At CRBMC several projects have been carried out on models dating from the 18th to the 20th century mainly made of iron, wood and fabric. These include pieces such as the steamship Montserrat, the Montevideo, the San Carlos, the Legazpi or the corvette Pepitu. In addition  several building models made of different materials (cork, wood, pottery...) such as the one corresponding to the Seu Nova of Lleida have also been treated.

Les creus processionals, fetes de plata fosa, repussada, cisellada i puntejada, amb detalls sobredaurats, són els objectes més abundants en aquesta especialitat, però també hi trobem custodies processionals, encensers, peus de reliquiari, calzes i escultures de sants o bisbes.

 Bàsicament, es tracta de maquetes de vaixells, que és una especialitat molt concreta. En el Centre s'han dut a terme diverses intervencions de maquetes datades des del segle XVIII al XX, fetes principalment en ferro, fusta i tela. Entre elles destaquen el vapor Montserrat, el Montevideo, el Sant Carles, el Legazpi o la corbeta Pepitu.

Però també s'han restaurat maquetes d'edificis de diferents materials (suro, fusta, terracota ...) com, per exemple, la maqueta de la catedral nova de Lleida.


Bàsicamentes tracta de maquetes de vaixellsque és una especialitat molt concreta. En el Centre s'han dut a terme diverses intervencions de maquetes datades des del segle XVIII al XXfetes principalment en ferrofusta i telaEntre elles destaquen el vapor Montserratel Montevideoel Sant Carles, el Legazpi o la corbeta Pepitu.

Però també s'han restaurat maquetes d'edificis de diferents materials (suro, fustaterracota ...comper exemplela maqueta de la catedral nova de Lleida.


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